Available Fall 2021
Our idea is a service mobile app for remote, fast and simple company incorporation all around the world. We are sure that every entrepreneur will be able to open a company and do business anywhere in the world. Moreover, we provide our clients with tax accounting services, office rental service, mail forwarding service, local phone number service and secretary for the company, as well as company website development and other related services for realization of business of our clients. We are currently in the development stage, but we plan to release the finished mobile app in 2021. FIRMDER is a service that helps entrepreneurs to incorporate companies quickly and, most importantly, simply. We believe that the goal of an entrepreneur is to do a business. We'll take care of the rest ourselves. Every entrepreneur's action will be covered by our mobile app notifications. He will be able to hire employees, submit tax reports, make investments or distribute the shares of the company. Our goal is to help you become an entrepreneur, as exactly entrepreneurs drive the world at large, economy and technology, and we will give you a good start!
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